Practice Policies

Data Protection Act

Only those responsible for your care have access to your information. This usually allows only Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors, and the Practice Staff access to your details. We will not pass on your information to any one else without your consent.

If you wish to access your medical record then please ask the Practice for a guidance leaflet.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Practice operates a strict zero tolerance policy.

Violent and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

The Practice is covered by CCTV.

In the event of an incident footage may be passed on to the police.

DNA Policy

Wasted appointments are a huge problem throughout the NHS. The issue of Did Not Attends (DNAs) is a continued frustration for both patients waiting to get an appointment with their GP or Nurse and for those working in the Practice.

Patients must notify the Practice the day before their appointment should they not be able to attend by ringing our reception team on 0151 525 5792.   If an emergency situation means a patient cannot attend on that day, patients must ring as early as possible on that day, before the appointment time to notify our reception team that they cannot attend.  This appointment can then be offered to another patient.

Failing to Attend Without Prior Notification:

When a patient fails to attend an appointment with a healthcare professional a note of the date and time is made in their electronic medical record.

When a patient fails to attend 3 appointments with a healthcare professional within a 12 month period, the Practice Manager will write to the patient, reminding them of the importance of first cancelling unwanted appointments, and detailing the consequence of not cancelling. This letter will also explain to the patient that should they fail to attend a further appointment without first cancelling it, they may be asked to leave the practice list.

If the patient fails to attend a further appointment following receipt of the first letter, the Practice Manager reserves the right to write to the patient notifying them that they will be removed from the practice list, without further discussion unless the patient writes to the Practice Manager within 7 days with a suitable apology and explanation for non-attendance.